Reflective Farewell

When I think about working with children and their families my hope is to have a positive lasting affect on each child and when needed to be a source of help and understanding to their family.

My main goal as an early childhood educator is to provide a high-quality education to children prior to entering kindergarten. In Mississippi; which is where I live; 1 in 4 children enter kindergarten unable to recite the alphabet or recognize their own name in print. Until 2012 the state did not require any formal education of children younger than five years old, the mentality has been that the responsibility of the family and sub-par daycare and head start centers. Hopefully with new legislation regarding pre-k education and charter schools children will have access to be quality education.

To the members of Group 1, thank you for sharing your professional and personal experiences on topics that at times are difficult but necessary to discuss. The opportunity to do so in a civil respectful way in an open forum was a welcome experience.

A special thank you to Dr. Parrish for providing resources and words of wisdom that allowed me to truly acknowledge and begin to alter biases I had when I began this course.


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