The Culture Question

Culture is your family heritage, and diversity refers to your unique qualities.”

Culture refers to race and ethnic background.Diversity usually applies to people who aren’t White.”

Culture is the values and traditions you learn from your family and community. Diversity is what makes you different from whats considered the social norm.”

The majority of people I spoke with about culture and diversity agreed that culture was not only race and ethnicity but what we are taught by our families. They gave examples of deep culture such as religious beliefs, how we express ourselves,values and even how we discipline children. I was surprised that most people paused before saying that diversity is what makes us unique in some way.way. No one mentioned speaking another language or sexual orientation in our discussions.

The discussions I had about culture and diversity did not change or influence my thinking in any way. However, I did find it interesting that some people were visibly more uncomfortable than others when the conversation began.


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