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My Supports

My husband and I decided three years ago to become a one income household. It allows me to spend summers with our five grandchildren and travel when he’s home from work. Therefore, the most important support I have is financial. Recently my youngest grandson; he’s two and a half; was admitted to the hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. I was able to fly there and stay with him in the hospital which allowed my daughter to take care of his older brothers and continue working. Had I been employed the process would’ve been more complicated. On a more basic level, my laptop and smartphone provides countless supports on a daily basis. From managing expenses and shopping, to getting scheduled reminders, watching church services, and now attending college to prepare for my second career. If these supports were gone I think the transition back toi work would be easy; though not as profitable, and even with the convenience of modern technology I still know how to handle my finances and other things the old-fashioned way.

I’ve often wondered how difficult my life would be if I lost my sight. There would be many more supports I would require. A driver, an instructor to teach me braille and how to navigate my surroundings. I would also want to join a support group of other people who had lost their sight late in life to discuss the emotional issues and day-to-day challenges. Under this circumstance losing these supports would make life very difficult. But I’m sure the support of my family would make things easier.



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