Relationship Reflection

Share and express emotions. Conduct business. Live life to it’s fullest. Without relationships none of these things would be possible.

My most important relationships are with my immediate family;2 adult daughters, 5 grandchildren, and a husband of 23 years. being an only child I am very private and not so warm and fuzzy. I had to learn being a young parent that sometimes what children need most is a quiet moment just doing very little. My grandchildren get the benefit of a more relaxed fun person than the person that raised their mothers.

My husband is my partner in every sense. We have built a life for our family based on mutual respect and common goals. We have learned to accept the differences in our personalities and up bringing to find common ground. The key, compromise. Watching war movies may not be high on my to-do list, but if he has suffered through a jazz brunch or wine tasting then I get a comfortable seat and good chips and suck it up.

With my girlfriends I’m the therapist. I listen and if they dare ask my opinion it’s usually delivered with very little sugar coating. But being a good listener I get advice without really having to ask. Being kind and neighborly gets my mail picked up and trash set out if I’m out of town, services that are more than worth a homemade treat here and there.

For me, keeping relationships simple and limited works best. Relationships are very hard work, except with children. Young children are little blackboards waiting for the right messages to be impressed upon them. That has always been important to me, but more importantly is having the ability to affect that child’s parent to do whats best for their child.



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4 responses to “Relationship Reflection

  1. Very well put. I could not agree more with keeping relationships simple and limited. When it comes to school and parents, I like to create a relationship before I have to have a conference with them at report card time so that they know I am on their side if I have to deliver unwanted news.

    • Thank you.I read your post but couldn’t figure out how to post a comment. It was thought provoking when you pointed out that sometimes relationships no longer give us what we need. I think we forget that sometimes relationships aren’t meant to last forever.

  2. beckycoder

    I really enjoyed your post. Relationships are very hard work, with loved ones, friends and also maintaining the relationships I have at work can sometimes be very exhausting. When raising my daughters the relationships were not hard and very rewarding. As adults it can sometimes get alittle strained when they think momma is giving to much advice about the grandchildren. They both know it is out of my love for them and the grandchildren and all is well in the end. As you quoted ” Having the ability to affect that child`s parent to do what is best for their child”. Great post!

  3. Great post! I, too, am an only child so relationships can be a little hard for me. I am very private and many times that puts a strain on some of the relationships I have encountered. I also believe, for myself, that keeping relationships limited and simple work best.

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